Read To Me is a space that visually responds to the live reading of poetry and prose, created as a Resident Artist at CultureHub in 2018. It was later exhibited at the 2019 Mission Creek Festival at the University of Iowa and the 2019 NextNOW Fest at The Clarice Performing Arts Center at the University of Maryland.

You can watch video of Tommy Pico, Rhiannon McGavin(II), Saeed Jones, Meghann Plunkett, and Jeremy O. Harris trying out the initial prototype.

Deirdre Coyle wrote about her experience as a reader. The Google Cloud Blog covered the project and it was featured on Google’s Instagram.

Oren Shoham and Sam Von Ehren worked on the back end. Flan Falacci, Milan Koerner-Safrata, and Dennis Carr developed new graphical interpretations based on the initial prototype.

Poet Meghann Plunkett standing in front of a large projected screen with the word SCAR A spiral of words on a projected screen Projected words emitting from Meghann Plunkett's mouth at a microphone Concentric circles of color and words traveling across a screen Black and white flickering words floating on a projected screen the size of a room Poet Angel Nafix reading in front of a projection of shapes and lines Poet Rhiannon McGavin reading in front of a neon landscape projection Playwright Jeremy O. Harris with the word BEAUTY projected behind him The word DREAM projected large with a purple background

Photos by the great Livia Sá